Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Is it just me or does anyone else love fall!!! Sometimes it can be harassed to figure out what wear in the August/September months. One day its 80 degree the next day its 65 degrees.

So here are a couple outfits, I threw together for that awkward weather transition time!

Here is a simple outfit that is perfect for this time of year. This can work with any black jeans and striped shirt. The sweater can be for when it gets cold or you can take it off if its overkill. I love my white Adidas shoes! If you want the white shoe look there are tons of options! Here are some Old Navy shoes. I tied the shirt because its too big and it works great tied!

Here is an a nice transition look you can wear any long sleeve shirt. Although I do live this 70’s style shirt. Here is One kinda similar to mine if you want that style. I then have high wast jeans from Maurice’s and you can wear Sandals to give it that simmer vibe.

I love these jeans! They are similar to mom jeans and They are awesome! I also really like my target sweater and again to get the summer feel you can add sandals. The shirt is also from target as well.

My last outfit is just a graphic tee with converse and a cardigan sweater. You can tuck in the shirt while you wear the sweater! You could also just wear plain white shoes with this as well.

So thats all for today my friends! I hope you liked it if you want to know where I got a particular item ask me!

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Fall Inspiration

Hey y’all I hope you all are doing peachy! So my mom got some magazines and I got this idea to make a bullet journal page for fall cloths inspiration. #bulletjournal #fallstyle

So here is mine. I think it turned out pretty well, here are a couple tips to get you started to make it your own!

Cut out some of your favorite pieces from your magazine of choice, I would also suggest cutting scraps of colors from shirts to get some color besides just actual cloths. The yellow next to the shoe is an example of that.I also really like the color swatches. I think they give it a cool aesthetic. I like the two columns of shirts and pants on the boarders as well. I like this idea because it can actually cover up mistakes on a page you messed up on ( which is what I did).

Once you’ve laid out where you want to put your pictures just glue them on, I suggest using a glue stick. I then just added a couple notes and boom your done!

Here is a close up so you can see better!

So thats it! It’s really simple and if you have a favorite magazine you can start getting inspired!

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Back to School

Back to school doesn’t have to be bad. Trust in Christ and work hard and make this school year the best ever!!!

Check out my How to make a bullet journal for back to school inspiration! Please Share! Thanks y’all! Happy Crafting!

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I challenge you to try something new with your bullet journal/art!

So…What’s a bullet journal?

We are getting into the swing of back to school and you may ask yourself “How in the world am I going to keep track of my life?” The answer my friend, is bullet journaling. You might think bullet journaling is hard, expensive, and only for those who are amazing at drawing. WRONG. Bullet journaling is for almost anyone. In the next couple of posts I’m going to show you how I bullet journal and tips and tricks I’ve learned so far. So first off, what do you need? You literally need a note book and a pen, but here is a list of things I use and trust me, they are cheap.

So first off the journal, I wanted to keep mine simple so I got this Exceed journal from Walmart. It was under $10 dollars and works really well. It has and index and numbered pages which is AMAZING. Notebook

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